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VISIT US IRL | 10250 106 street | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am-3pm & Thurs 10am-6pm

Cocoa Ritual

by Noorish

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  • Woman-Owned | Community Impact Programs | Sustainable Product Packaging 

    UN SDG Alignment: No Poverty | Good Health and Well Being | Reduced Inequalities | Responsible Consumption & Protection | Climate Action | Life on Land

  • Cocoa Ritual is an adaptogenic sipping chocolate, created in both an energizing and calming blend, designed to offer the comforting nostalgic taste of hot chocolate, with all the elevated superfoods that you need to function at your best. Each blend has 5 adaptogenic superfoods, superherbs or mushroom extracts to help regulate stress levels, improve immunity, enhance focus and either energize or calm the nervous system in a balanced and sustainable way. 

    Neither blends contain caffeine but instead utilize the power of superfoods to optimize and balance the body. Both blends are made with ceremonial grade organic Criollo cocoa grown in Venezuela. Criollo amounts to 1% of the total cacao grown in the world and is prized for its ancient cultivation practices that preserve the original depth of flavor and nutrients from the very same beans grown by their ancestors centuries ago. Cocoa Ritual is gently sweetened with
    coconut sugar and erythritol monkfruit to provide a deeper earthy caramel flavor. With the  addition of creamy coconut milk, Cocoa Ritual awakens the senses in the most perfect way.

     ELEVATE + ENERGIZE. Your morning ritual just got better with a natural sipping chocolate expertly crafted to elevate
    your focus, energy, and immunity. Our organic ceremonial grade cocoa cultivated in Venezuela, blends perfectly with five adaptogenic mushrooms and superfoods, to help you rise like the sun. Harness the power of functional foods to increase your life-force and vitality in a sustained way throughout your day. Enjoy this lush brew as creamy hot chocolate in milk, or infuse it in your coffee for a rich mocha latte experience. Alternatively, use this nourishing blend whenever a revitalizing pick-me-up is in order. This heavenly ritual can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    COCOA MOON RITUAL: CALM + RESTORE. This sublime sipping chocolate is expertly crafted as a restorative ritual to regulate your stress levels, ease anxiety, and guide you into a reset cycle that is as gentle as the moon’s reflection in
    water. An organic ceremonial grade Criollo cocoa cultivated in Venezuela blends perfectly with five adaptogenic mushrooms and superherbs to naturally enhance your mood for the calm sweet finish you’ve been waiting for all day. Prepare this brew in hot milk, for a rich and deeply nourishing pause whenever you need it most. This heavenly ritual can be enjoyed by the whole family.


As the founder of Noorish Conscious Eatery and Yoga Studio in 2011 to launching the Noorish Foods product line, health and wellness for kids and adults alike has always been my primary goal. I like designing colourful and vibrant tasting recipes that sneak in nutrient-dense superfoods to level up your immunity, energy, strength and focus. Accessing our full-potential through whole foods means we can live and love more fully. We hope this product line satisfies you in a deeply noorishing way.