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Roaster on Rotation

Welcome to our monthly series that will feature a new roaster each month to share with you the variety of beautiful beans that are available across our province!


For each roaster on rotation we will feature a base bean that will be available throughout the month (or until we sell out) and every so often a new bean will be added to bring you delicious and exciting coffee from around the world. 


June Feature | NRG Coffee Roasters

NRG is a family team roasting coffee along with the help of their three little boys. Their love for quality exquisite tasting coffee has evolved over the last 15 years, enjoying specialty coffee shops and roasteries. As a company, NRG's goal is to bring you great coffee that brings positivity to your life. It’s about the enjoyment of coffee and conversation, the ignition of brilliant ideas just waiting for your eNeRGy.

From micro imports to single origins & signature blends, NRG goes out of their way to find the best there is out there for you. The art, science and consistency from sourcing great coffee to each hand crafted small batch is what makes their relationship with coffee unique.

Say goodbye to bad coffee!