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Roaster on Rotation

Welcome to our monthly series that will feature a new roaster each month to share with you the variety of beautiful beans that are available across our province!


For each roaster on rotation we will feature a base bean that will be available throughout the month (or until we sell out) and every so often a new bean will be added to bring you delicious and exciting coffee from around the world. 


Fall Feature | Aspen Coffee Roasters

The story of Aspen Coffee Roasters begins in the winter of 2016, during happy hour at a bar in Maui. The founders of Aspen Coffee Roasters, husband and wife, Gordon and Alison were escaping the bitter cold of their Aspen Gardens home in Edmonton when they struck up a friendly conversation with the couple next to them at the bar who, it turns out, roasted coffee themselves and were the founders of the Australian coffee company, Antz Inya Pantz Coffee Co. A lightbulb in the businessman mind of Gordon was lit and the gears began to turn. After the inspiring chat with Craig Muzeroll and his partner and wife Veronica Rhodes, the inception of Aspen Coffee Roasters was born.

Aspen Coffee Roasters offers a variety of fair-trade beans from different locations throughout the world, and each batch of beans is hand-roasted with care and attention in order to offer our customers the highest quality cup of coffee.

Say hello to exploring the craft of coffee!