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Artisan Jam

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Artist Series Jams: In an effort toward lasting and meaningful engagement in the community, the East Van Jam Artist Series celebrates the varied communities that make East Vancouver so dynamic. A collaboration with local artists, each recipe is a nod to the artists’ cultural heritage while maintaining our low-sugar and BC-sourced fruit mandates. A portion of proceeds go toward a charity of the artist’s choice.

Artist Series: Carrielynn | Saskatoonberry & Apple w/juniper 

Carrielynn Victor is an artist and muralist from Cheam First Nation. Her work focuses on story and connections to the land. Illustrated here is the Wren with rich history in our land. Funds support

Artist Series: Sandeep | Blueberry & Apple w/ rose & cardamom

Sandeep Johal is a multi-disciplinary artist in Vancouver, BC. Her practice is inspired by her South Asian heritage and is an expression of her social and cultural concerns. Funds support

Artist Series: Ejiwa | Blackberry & Apple w/ ginger & spices

Ejiwa “Edge” Ebenebe is a Nigerian-Canadian artist in Vancouver whose work focuses on colourful, whimsical fantasy and Black joy. Illustrated is Edge’s mother: a constant pillar of love, support and strength. Funds support

Artisan Jam Rotational Flavours:

Raspberry Dandy | Rich raspberry charms complimented by familiar vanilla and STAR anise, she is bound for fame and acclaim.

Ingredients: Fraser valley raspberries, organic cane sugar, pure lemon juice, pure vanilla extract, pectin, anise extract, citric acid

Madame Cherry | Within lie a rich, velvety softness that is anything but. Hinting at sweet with a lot of sparkle, Madame Cherry will boldly seduce your taste buds.

Ingredients: Lake Country dark, sweet cherries, sparkling wine, organic cane sugar, pure lemon juice, pectin, pure vanilla extract, citric acid

Monsieur Hopricot | A young bachelor with a head full of ideas, he is out-going and self-assured. His winning combination of tart, but sweet apricot and floral hops excites the crowd. Luscious apricots paired with the unusual floral qualities of hops, this jam is unique and full of flavour.

Ingredients: Okanagan Apricots infused with locally grown hops, organic cane sugar ,pure lemon juice, pectin, citric acid

East Van Jam was founded in 2013 by Natalie Ferrari-Morton who lives in East Vancouver with her husband and two boys.  She has spent her adult life living in Vancouver’s east side honing and perfecting her jam-making skills and recipes, culminating in high quality, big hustle and flavourful jams.  After three years hosting low-sugar canning workshops under the moniker “Homesteading Mamas” with pal Anna Hunter, Natalie was hearing a clear message from her clients: why isn’t a great tasting, low sugar jam alternative available on the market? With experience making, using and feeding her own kids a more healthful alternative, she knew it was time to take the jam scene by storm and East Van Jam was born!

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