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PAIN IN THE ... BALM: Our ever-popular pain relief oil is now in our new Pain relief balm. We also added some additional benefits to the balm to make it more multi-purpose for different types of pain from headaches, to muscle, joint, and inflammatory pain. We infuse spruce resin, comfrey and lemon balm leaves, and balsam poplar buds for their anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Then our infusion is combined with organic, fair-trade shea butter, and locally harvested Alberta beeswax, and essential oils for a balm you will love.

AH-MAZING BALM: Your hands work hard for you every day. We want to take the worry out of HOW to keep them moisturized and nourished! There are so many products on the market with questionable, toxic ingredients. We want to offer something different, something that is healthy and works made with powerful Canadian ingredients like Spruce Resin and Balsam Poplar that we harvest ourselves! It's pH balanced, acid mantle and skin biome friendly so it works in harmony with your skin.

BE CALM + SLEEP BALM: This new balm is made with wonderful, powerful relaxing herbs for the body and the nervous system. We infuse lemon balm, hops, skullcap, and lavender buds into the oil to capture their powerful whole plant essence then blend with a lovely heart-opening and calming essential oil blend. Psst! If you loved our old sleep remedy rollers, well this is an evolution of that product. We think you are going to love it. This blend will help calm the body and mind and help you fall into a deeper sleep so you can wake up feeling well-rested.

VAPOUR BALM - JUST BREATHE: This beautiful balm is crafted with herbal-infused oils made using our classic slow infusion process, then we blend Alberta beeswax, and fair-trade, organic shea butter with organic pure essential oils to synergistically come together in a balm that will provide relief from congestion during cold & flu season. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Ravensara and Rosemary are traditional herbs that can be used to soothe minor coughs, colds, stuffy noses, and chest congestion. Give it a try, we think you will love it!

RED SKIN BEE GONE BALM: It's made with Alberta beeswax, our own herbal infused oil that has been infused with organic chamomile, calendula, and wild-harvested rose petals, Spruce resin, plantain, and non-nano zinc oxide as well as our own essential oil blend to add anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties to nourish eczema-prone skin.

Ingredients: Beeswax, spruce resin, herbal infused extra-virgin olive oil, plantain, poplar, comfrey, chamomile, lavender, shae butter, essential oils/ Ah-mazing balm - great for dry cracked skin. Red Skin Bee Gone Balm great for eczema, psorasis, rashes, itchy skin. Pain relief balm - inflammation, muscle and joint pain relief. Sleep Calm Balm - great for calm anxiety and part of a healthy sleep routine.

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