Beeswax Wrap


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Available in Assorted Fabrics: Small (17 cm x 100 cm), Medium (23cm x 100 cm), Large (32 cm x 100 cm)

What makes Simpatico Makers different than most wraps is that they only use raw beeswax and cotton, no oils or resins, for the wraps. The beeswax comes from an apiary north of Edmonton and is responsibly harvested.

Simpatico believe using wax wrap requires a bit of a mind shift. We are so used to our food covered in plastic, not being able to breathe, looking fresh. Unfortunately, without air circulation around food, it has a tendency to spoil quicker. Wax wraps allow air circulation around food and you will notice that food will not spoil. Beeswax is naturally antimicrobial, neat, right?