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Black Tea Chai is the perfect blend of classic chai spices. It is perfectly warming, spicy enough for connoisseurs but mild enough that when sweetened even a chai virgin would enjoy the drink.

Ingredients: Black Tea, True Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pemba Cloves, Black Peppercorn

EARL GRAY tea is more than a classic — it’s exquisite. The flavor is bold, slightly malty, and deeply citrusy. It’s a lovely cup to be had as a treat for yourself, and even more delightful when shared. Our Earl Gray is perfect for those who relish a good, vintage scotch and want to know they are drinking the best there is to be had.

Ingredients: black assam Tea, Bergamot Essence

LAVENDER EARL GRAY tea is a modern twist on an exquisite classic. The flavor of the lavender rounds out this bold, slightly malty, and deeply citrusy tea. Our Lavender Earl Gray tea is perfect for those who love a good Earl Gray, but are ready to adventure a little farther afield and embrace this lovely floral twist.

Ingredients: black assam tea, bergamot essence, lavender