Bone Broth


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Feeling good is about real nutrients, true nourishment, and strong gut health. At Rooted Rituals, we make broths to heal. Plain, simple, right. We champion tradition, we encourage self-care, and we aim to be your daily habit. 

BEEF BONE BROTH:  Smooth, crazy flavorful, nutrient-dense beef bone broth.
A hearty, warming drink that’s mineral-rich and highly digestible. Loaded with amino acids and gut-loving gelatin. Inspires clarity, harmony, and mindfulness.
Flavour Profile: Deep, Smooth and Robust.
Sourced from 100% Canadian grass-fed beef, raised without the use of antibiotics and hormones. 

CHICKEN BONE BROTH: Highly nutritious, lightly spiced, savoury chicken bone broth. Comforting. Warming. Awakens feelings of well-being. Rich in minerals, amino acids, and gut-friendly collagen. 
Flavour Profile: Rich, Buttery and Mellow.
Ingredients sourced from Canadian farms using organic, non-GMO, free-range chickens. 

VEGETABLE BROTH: Flawlessly seasoned mushroom & seaweed veggie broth.
Encourages a deeper connection to one’s true self. Jam-packed with minerals and immunity-boosting vitamins. Restorative, centering, rich in B-vitamins and essential minerals.
Flavor Profile: Savory, Aromatic and Earthy.

As we do not use any stabilizers or preservatives our broths are shipped frozen. All of our broths are Gluten-Free.