Concrete Incense Tray


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Burn a little incense to help you relax and set a mood in your space.  The ash is collected by the mountainous peaks below, keeping your space tidy. Longer incense sticks should be trimmed to make sure that no ash or embers land on your table.

Fire is dangerous; never leave incense unsupervised or near any flammable objects.  Incense is not a toy; do not leave unsupervised around children.

Please note that due to natural colour variation in concrete, dishes of the same colour may not match exactly. These dishes are handmade with love so you can collect your thoughts, but they may have slight surface imperfections. The dishes are not recommended for food use.

Ryspot furniture is made with concrete encourages an approachable relationship to the industrial materials found in urban centres; goods that have an immediate purpose and with which we form intimate relationships facilitate dialogue with the city around us.