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Craft Beer


Seasonal & Small Batch

Side Hustle \ Tropical Punch Kettle Sour, 4.6% \ 473ml can  Whether you're looking to monetize your hobby or relegate all forms of hustle to the sidelines this summer, this sour is the perfect accomplice.  It's got a tart brightness from the tangerine and raspberry, a cheeky lactose sweetness, and a lower ABV to keep you in the game for longer

Lost Causes \ Cherry Pomegranate Lacto Sour, 6.7% \ 500ml bottle  This is our first plunge into the risky world of mixed fermentation in our steel tanks.  The live lactobacillus in the cellar provides more depth in its acidity when compared to a kettle sour and the cherry and pomegranate give Lost Causes a brilliant red colour and juicy fruit notes.  A light Citra and Amarillo dry-hop also contribute to the exquisite experience

Core Beers

Forward Progress \ Pale Ale, 5.2% \ 473ml can   An aroma-forward Pale Ale, hopped with Citra and Mosaic varietals.  It's our take on the classic North American Pale Ale, with a hoppy bouquet and a long, harmonious finish:  progressive, sessionable, and full of flavour


Force Majeure \ New England IPA, 6.9% ABV \ 473ml can  Juicy, with a pillow soft mouthfeel:  this is the culmination of our experimentation in New England IPAs.  Oats provide a softness on the palette while Vic Secret, Bru-1, and Cryo Mosaic hops deliver big notes of mango, passion fruit, and pine resin,

About Annex

Annex Ale Project takes a proactive approach to being leaders in the craft brewing community by constantly striving to make tiny changes for the betterment of the people we serve. We are committed to frequent experimentation with product, and we strive for fearless ambition when it comes to bringing new experiences to our guests.

We are, at our core, social humanists. We conduct ourselves in a manner that values the community over the individual. We are resolute in our belief that a good business does the best for its employees and customers while minimizing harm to others and the planet we inhabit.

We are inspired by innovative ideas in both our local and greater beer communities. We embrace the connection between physical public spaces and shared social experiences, and we frequently move towards improvement of both.

We focus on enriching the experience of social connection for our customers and for ourselves. We are committed to enjoying the work that we do and to take pride in it.

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