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Honey Vinegar


About the Product

Made from organic honey sourced from the Athabasca region in Alberta, Canada. Honey vinegar, or Mead vinegar as it is sometimes known, is created through a rigorous fermentation process, and is comparable to Apple Cider Vinegar, but with a sweeter after taste and greater health benefits. Aged to let its full flavor develop, this light-brown vinegar offers a great taste whether you use it for pickling or use it to flavor your favorite salads or marinades.

About Maram Vinegar

As a beekeeper with over 30 years experience in honey-made products, Najm Al-Tameemi moved from his home in Iraq to Syria before the war forced his family to flee to Canada. With his neighborhood now a war zone and strict curfews in place, Najm spent more and more time indoors and to pass the time began to experiment with the creation of new honey based products. The result is Maram Vinegar, named after his daughter, and now in production here in Canada, where the family now resides. “I like everything made from honey,” says Najm. “It's a whole complete food, and any product made from the hives will be great.”

Maram Vinegar is my thank you to Canada for helping my family be safe.


Ingredients: water, organic honey, yeast, vinegar mother

8 fl. oz. glass jar

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