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Snozzberry: Our ode to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Snozzberry is best described as a tart berry and definitely delicious.

Cherry: Think of eating cherries outside in the summer sun; we promise not to stain your mouth or hands!

Peach: The only thing that can be this juicy is biting into a fresh peach. Sorry, no hard pits or furry skin here!

Lavender: Lightly floral and uniquely refreshing, lavender Boocha is a keeper.

Ginger: Tastefully ginger.

Kombucha is an ancient cultured beverage made of tea and sugar. It contains bacteria and yeast which starts the fermentation process when the tea and sugar mix. After the tea solution is cultured, it becomes effervescent and the end result contains live probiotic bacteria which has been widely studied to affect health in many ways including but not limited to gut health, mental clarity, weight loss and more.

The bacteria and yeast which cultures the solution is commonly called a “SCOBY” which means symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. It can be made with black teas or green teas.

Because most of the sugar is eaten by the SCOBY in the process, the end result makes for a healthier, lower-sugar-than-pop fizzy drink. It has gained more traction in the last couple of years and definitely gained the wider exposure it deserves. We are excited to be Edmonton’s first kombucha brand, and we are very excited to bring you a delicious product we can proudly stand behind.