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VISIT US IRL | 10250 106 street | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am-3pm & Thurs 10am-6pm

Face Mask | Single Use

by Sealuxe
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  • Our convenient powdered form allows you to customize the mask to your specific skin concerns. Simply mix the powder with water or your favorite facial oil for a personalized treatment that addresses your unique needs.

    How to Use:
    Add one tablespoon of face mask powder and one teaspoon of water. Mix together until a paste is formed. Apply with your fingers, spreading to cover your face. Let sit for 1 minutes while the ingredients exfoliate and replenish your skin. Rinse thoroughly.
    Rose: DRY | SENSITIVE | MATURE. Roses are full of vitamins and antioxidants which help to repair damage, hydrate, soothe redness and to even skin tone. The antibacterial properties help to fight acne and prevent breakouts.
    Ingredients: Rose powder, Kaolinite, Oats, Dulse, Calendula
    Seaweed: MATURE | DAMAGED SKIN TYPE. Seaweed face mask is a superfood for your skin. It rejuvenates, exfoliates and deeps cleans. Nutrient-rich seaweed helps to firm, restore and replenish skin on the cellular level. 
    Ingredients: sea clay, oats, rose powder, spirulina, kelp powder, irish moss seaweed, bladderwrack seaweed powder
    Alabaster: ACNE PRONE | OILY. This face mask is rich in tri-glycerides and fatty acids including alpha-hydroxy acid. It's perfect for regulating skin's pH, soothing irritation, helping with hydration, brightens and nourishes.
    Ingredients: Kaolinite, Oats, Oatstraw, Goat milk, Dulse (seaweed), Calendula



Sealuxe lives and breathes the rhythm of the tides. From the front door of coastal British Columbia and inspired by the wild wisdom of the sea, we blend, stir, sift and pour healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific ocean’s unique and natural elements into all of our products.


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