Root Vegetable(s)


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Mini-Carrots are the perfect sweet nutritious snack for all ages. High in betacarotene, they are perfect on their own, with one of our dip offerings, vegan cheese, or added to a soup. Available in 1lb.

Red potatoes have a smoother, creamier taste and texture than larger potatoes. These potatoes are perfectly roasted, added to a stew or made into mashed potatoes with the skins on. * washed 2lb bag

Steven and Dan’s BC Fruit prioritizes community, integrity, and sustainability. From their family roots and a long history of growing amazing fruit, they hold an amazing presence at the local market scene. You know that when you enjoy their products, from their fresh product to their delish juices, you support a family-run Canadian business. They work hard every day to ensure we receive the best, high-quality produce and most importantly, pour a lot of love and respect into their growing practices.