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chee-z dill: a classic shaker flava with a unique superfood twist. this tasty blend has superfoods that have been used for their vitamin + mineral content, known to assist in smoother digestion + detoxification. supercharged with cordyceps mushroom which is known for its energy boosting + immune supportive qualities.

tastebuds: savoury, cheesy with lightly salty notes + bright dill

ingredients: nutritional yeast [non-gmo], (dill weed, maca root, cordyceps militaris mushroom extract, himalayan salt)* love. *organic powder

nt. wt. 32g [1.1oz]

green dream: a blend that boasts ingredients known to be full of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, + prebiotics (essential for optimal gut health!). these superfoods may assist in smoother digestion, support a healthy cardiovascular system, are used to help fight free radicals, detox heavy metals + boost energy.

tastebuds: sweetly garlic, hints of cheesy spirulina (caution: addicting!)

ingredients: nutritional yeast [non-gmo], (spirulina, kale, garlic, himalayan salt)* love. *organic powder

nt. wt. 54g [1.9oz]

super Q: made up of superfoods known for their insoluble fibre content (hello prebiotics!), protein + mineral content, this shaker has a low glycemic index,uperfoods are used for their low glycemic index, they may help support immune function + stabilize blood sugar levels all the while hitting all the right sweet spots.

tastebuds: sweet, smokey, garlicky deliciousness

ingredients: (mesquite, smoked paprika, maca root, garlic, onion, lucuma fruit, himalayan salt)* love. *organic powder

nt. wt. 48g [1.7oz]