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by Sarjesa

Chamomile Blend

Ingredients: Chamomile, Rose, Clover

Inspired by the plants we see growing in the cracks of our city’s sidewalks, we hope this calming blend of chamomile, clover, and rose petals will inspire you to appreciate the wonders of nature in your daily lives.

Art by: Jonathan Labillois

Green Tea Blend

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers; Wild Mint

Sweet with the scent of jasmine, this tea is steeped in promise and tradition. With the soft aroma of Alberta grown wild mint rising from every cup, this green tea encourages us to take our time and honour the process.

Art by Hugo Dubon

Earl Grey Blend

Ingredients: Black Tea; Cornflower; Lavender; Natural Flavouring Oils

This beautiful blend of black tea and bergamot oil with hints of cornflower and the floral fragrance of lavender is perfect for a cold and rainy day. Mountain Mist will remind you to slow down and appreciate the small things. After all, even the flowers need rain to grow.

Art by: Jonathan Labillois

Oh My! Maple Chai Latte Powder

(40g / 10 servings)
Ingredients: Single Single Origin Black Tea, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Ginger, Pepper, Vanilla, Maple Sugar, Nutmeg

Fragrant and spicy, this tea latté powder is a classic. Sourced for flavour, each spice we included was the most delicious version we could find. We carefully formulated our recipe so that the flavour of the spices is distinct while still honouring the rich notes of black tea and sweet maple sugar to shine through.

Notes from the Tiny Teamaker:
The art of this box was painted by Natalie Lynem (my mother), and was inspired by a photo of my Nani (grandmother).

Instant Earl Grey Latté Powder

(40g / 10 servings)
Single Origin Black Tea, Vanilla, Bergamot Oil, Canadian Maple Sugarg

Sweet, rich and slightly creamy, this is all the things a London Fog should be. Frustrated with the inconsistent quality of our attempts at homemade earl grey lattés, we knew we needed a product that was both easy to use and barista quality. Two years later we are so excited to share our instant earl grey latté powder with you!

Notes from the Tiny Teamaker:
The art of this box was painted by Jonathan Labillois

Peppermint Blend 

(40g / 10 servings)

Made entirely with plants that can be found in Alberta’s expanse of prairie grass, this blend of sage and peppermint with subtle hints of rose reminds us to step back and
reconnect with the local lands we love.

At Sarjesa, we make radically tasty tea, steep in solidarity and sourced from community! Connecting with community focused artists, all of our dancers are made especially for Sarjesa. For our original six dancers, we asked the artists to represent women from their own communities, in motion, with agency, and with resilience.

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