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VISIT US IRL | 10250 106 street | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am-3pm & Thurs 10am-6pm
VISIT US IRL | 10250 106 street | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am-3pm & Thurs 10am-6pm

Wholegrain Flour

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  • 7 Variety Spring Wheat Flour: We grow our own special blend of seven varieties of spring wheat together in the same field.  This adds diversity, and when milled, each varietal blend brings its own unique characteristics to create an amazing fine flour.  Our lightly sifted whole grain 7 Variety Spring Wheat is a great replacement for nutritionally deficient white flour.
    1kg Bag

    Buckwheat Flour:
    Buckwheat is not actually a wheat!  It is a seed harvested from a beautiful flowering plant that is rich in fiber and several minerals.  Buckwheat flour can be added to any recipe to add flavor.  Our favorite is buckwheat pancakes!
    1kg Bag

    Rye Flour:
    Rye flour is a versatile flour that can add flavor to whatever you are baking.  Whether it is cookies, brownies, bread, or waffles you get the great flavor along with all of the health benefits of rye flour. 
    1kg Bag

    Einkorn Flour: Einkorn is an ancient grain that is harvested with an outer hull that must be removed before milling.  Einkorn does contain gluten, but some find it easier to digest as compared to modern wheat.  Whether you are making muffins, pancakes, cakes or cookies, Einkorn flour is a great choice.
    1kg Bag


We are a multi generational farm that is dedicated to growing healthy grains on our farm for you. Our family farm has renewed our passion by taking a different approach with an open mindset. Improving the biodiversity within our soil creates a healthy environment to grow your food. We are regenerating the soils and working to bring life back to our soil, farm, and community.


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