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VISIT US IRL | 10250 106 street | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am-3pm & Thurs 10am-6pm

Dog Card


Hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta

Bringing a splash of colour to your celebrations and support the Alberta Dachshund Rescue while you are at it! Inspired by Yubis Guzmán artwork, Nina Chernenko has recreated her version of her dachshund.

All proceeds from the purchase of this card are donated to support our animal friends.

About the Artist

Nina Chernenko would describe herself as a good mother, a dutiful nurse, and a proud Ukrainian, however, there is far more to the woman who scavenged local parks for rocks to paint. Born and raised in Edmonton to Ukrainian parents, Nina was constantly surrounded by art and beauty growing up. She was raised in a culture that encouraged colour and creativity, expression and exploration, curiosity and daring. As a child she danced and sang; played instruments and made music; decorated pysanky and made krashanky - now, building on her culturally influenced artistic repertoire, she has begun to paint. She started with rocks - alluding to her history of art on eggs - and has now begun painting on canvas. Her images are often influenced by her own loves and interests - which is why she has made a habit of making animals the focal point of her work.

A house is not a home without a dog - and for Nina, a house is not a home without a dachshund. Once again, we can look to her parents for the source of such love. Her mother often brought home various creatures, furry and otherwise, to love and care for. And while their house was often filled with everything from gerbils to birds, the Chernenko family always had a special place in their hearts for dachshunds. From her first dachshund, Mitzi, to her current one, Malou, Nina has always loved the doe-eyed, wiggly, sassy breed with all of her heart. Malou, one of her wiggly, sassy dachshunds, was the inspiration for one of her paintings - having helped Nina cope with the loss of her previous pet, the onset of a grueling pandemic, and the initiation of war in a country that she loves and cherishes. Now, she wants to share her art and give back to the communities that have built her up, if only to bring a little color and joy to someone else's day.

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