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After Shave(s)


Our Aftershave is the product many guys are looking for to take care of their skin after that smooth shave.  Rather than burn or irritate, this alcohol-free balm will moisturize and soothe, to help your skin begin the repairing process. 

Kind of like a cream, but without all the water, preservative, emulsifier and garbage that you really don't need.  Filled with simple and effective all-natural ingredients, you really won't need anything else to keep you skin looking it's finest.

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  • Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil/Fragrance* Directions for best use:  After your shave, work a small pea-sized amount between your hands and then into your neck then face.  Remember that this product is extremely concentrated and a little bit goes a very long way.  Remove any excess if required.  Adjust amount used based on humidity and how dry your skin is.

    Size: 28g/1oz tin 

    Shelf Life: Approx 12-18 months

    Lasts approximately 30-75 shaves depending on humidity and skin requirements

  • No chemicals, weird ingredients, or BS. Just wholesome, natural products, all handmade in Edmonton, Alberta. Every year, Like Grandpa participates in raising money through their Movember Campaign. 
  • Here at Like Grandpa, we care about your skin before everything else. Since the beginning, we have made sure to use all natural, moisturizing ingredients that will help your skin underneath the hair, whether that's when you are shaving or are rocking a beard!
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