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Highlands Mojito: Introducing Token's newest flavour, Highlands Mojito. Made with fresh spearmint and lime, it makes the perfect addition to any summer drink.
Flavour profile: citrus and minty with a refreshing and light taste
Suggested cocktails: Mojito, Gimlet, lemonade
Suggested liquor: White rum, gin or vodka

Whyte Lavender: Perfect for adding a touch of aromatic flavour to any highball or cocktail. A drop or two will provide a light and fresh floral essence. Goes well with citrus flavours such as orange and grapefruit.  Lavender imparts a distinct floral flavour that is mellow yet assertive and reminiscent of spring. 
Suggested cocktails: Pimms cup, negroni, highballs, aromatic spirits
Suggested liquor: gin, champagne

Calder Chai adds a level of spice and warmth to beverages with an infusion of cardamom, anise, vanilla, and clove. Add a drop to enhance a hot chocolate or a 
White Russian. 
Suggested cocktails: White Russian or Kahlua with hot chocolate
Suggested liquor: Vodka

Saskatoon's Berry
pays homage to the berry of the Prairies. The sweet, nutty flavour of the berries is balanced with a savoury hint of caraway seeds. 
Suggested cocktails: A Gin and Tonic muddled with fresh berries

Ritchie Cherry adds a touch of spring to any cocktail or aperitif. Ritchie transforms the essence of cherry with Token’s signature mix of bittering agents and spices into a delightful combination sure to delight the taste buds. 
Suggested cocktails: The bitter is well suited to Manhattans, Brooklyn and champagne cocktails.
Suggested liquor: rums, bourbon, tequila

Strathcona Orange:
Token's traditional citrus flavour, a few drops of Strathcona Orange add an extra kick to your favourite classic cocktail. Strathcona's distinct flavour is created using the extracts of the orange pith and peel. The peel has familiar citrus flavours, while the pith adds bitter notes. Strathcona Orange also contains a touch of black pepper extract to compliment the orange flavours. 
Suggested cocktails: dry Martinis, Rob Roys, Old Fashioned
Suggested liquor: rum, whiskey, tequila

Variety Pack: Set includes four of our best-selling flavours in 15 ml bottles. Strathcona Orange, Ritchie Cherry, Calder Chai, Whyte Lavender

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