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Hard Soap Bars(s)

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Soap So Co. is making a new kind of soap. They're making artistically designed, handcrafted soaps that are sustainable, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. But most importantly they're making soaps that are fun, without sacrificing quality.

Meditate: Sometimes you just need a nice soap. No need to overcomplicate things, no need to make it fancy. If you just want to have a moment for yourself and get clean, Meditate is the perfect bar for you!

Scent Profile: Unscented

Transcend: Transcend evokes a scene of lush, cool natural beauty. With notes of grapefruit, lavender, musk and vanilla you know you’re in for a journey. With this cool, refreshing and uplifting bar you’ll be swimming amongst the stars in no time. Be safe out there! Scent Profile: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Cardamom, Melon, Rose. Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Amber

Autumn Sun: Autumn sun is the quintessential essence of autumn, evoking memories of cozy days spent at an Airbnb by the sea, nestled amongst grassy sand dunes as the fresh fog rolls away, the enriching rays of the autumn sun pierce through warming your goosebumps and mug of chai latte.  Scent Profile: Jasmine, Lily, Ginger Spice, Vanilla Orchid and Driftwood

Mint Chocolate: Ready to spend too much time and money on the jolliest season of the year? Well good news, we’ve got just the thing to get you in the spirit! Nothing says [insert relevant holiday here] quite like the classic combination of peppermint and chocolate. So Ho ho hold this bar between your fingers and scrub your way into festive joy! Scent Profile: Peppermint and Chocolate

Moon Child: Moon child will blast off your nostrils to a universe far, far away (license-free Star Wars reference) with its deliciously candy-coated scent. Take a moment to stop and wonder as you treat yourself to a soap that’s truly out of this world.  Scent Profile: Star Anise, Peppermint and Lavender

Purple Haze: Relax at the end of your day with this unique combination of earthy yet uplifting scents. The perfect soap to take into the bath at the end of a long day, Purple Haze combines notes of jasmine, Indian chai and soft spice along with a woodsy, heavy base. And for an extra Purple Haze, enjoy this soap along with some Jimi Hendrix. It’s a double Haze-down.

Scent Profile: Ozone, Champaka, Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Powder and Musk

Beach Breeze: If you’re splish-splash takin’ a bath, why not bring along this refreshing soap and whisk your spirit away to an ocean getaway? Or, If you’re from Alberta, Canada like us, the nearest lake! Dive in to this clean and inviting scent that combines a top layer of water lily and lavender with a bottom layer of orange essential oil and granulated orange peel. Clean off that beach bod and let’s go!

Scent Profile: Orange Zest, Peony, Water Lily, Lavender, Moss and Light Wood

Judy: We created this beautiful rainbow soap to reflect the pride flag and show our support for the LGBTQ+ community. Judy's mixture of orange, lime and litsea oil is one of our favourite scents and it won’t disappoint.

P.S. Don't forget to love each other

For each Judy bar sold we donate 50 cents each to The Chew Project and The Shane Scott Pride fund! 

Scent Profile: Orange, Litsea Cubeba and Lime



All Hard Soaps are 100g/3.5oz


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