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VISIT US IRL | 10250 106 street | Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun 9am-3pm & Thurs 10am-6pm

Glass Tumbler

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  • Community Impact Programs | Good Health and Well Being | Quality Education | Gender Equality | Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
  • Three Sisters: The Three Sisters is arguably Alberta's most recognizable mountain outside of the national parks. Based in Canmore, the mountain peak was originally named the "Three Nuns". However, in 1886, Canadian geologist, George Dawson, referred to each peak individually as the "Big Sister", "Middle Sister", and "Little Sister". The mountain later evolved into "Three Sisters". MTNPK Glassware is donating part of the proceeds of this limited edition 12oz glass to the Rocky Mountain Adaptive (RMA) non-profit. RMA provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate, learn, and excel in over 20 different mountain sports and recreational activities.

    Lake  Louise:
    Lake Louise is one of the most scenic views in the world. The turquoise glacial lake is surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges. Relive your visit with every glass of your desire. Our 12oz Lake Louise tumbler has all the surrounding mountains keeping the valley and lake in the middle.

    Lake Minnewanka: 
    Located just 5km from the town of Banff, Lake Minnewaka is a glacier lake that features some of the most iconic views. This 12oz tumbler provides a 3D replica of the mountain ranges that surround this beautiful lake. 

    Pyramid Mountain: Located in Jasper, AB, you can't escape the stunning views without spotting Pyramid Mountain. Surrounded by Pyramid Lake, this mountain range is named after its pyramid-like shape.

    Each glass is handblown and may have slight variations.
     Glasses are made from borosilicate glass which is lighter and stronger than your standard soda lime glass. 


We are a husband and wife team who want to share our love for adventure with the world. Whether you are visiting one of our favorite spots and purchase the glassware in a local store or purchase online here, we hope you cheers with friends and enjoy the handcrafted view in the bottom of your glass. Glassware is designed in Alberta.


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